Air Filters

Air Filters play a vital role in industries like the Sugar industries, Cement industries and Steel industries. They help in removing unwanted harmful elements from the air and help to keep pollution free environment. Pioneer Filters adhere to Indian pollution norms and prevents pre ageing of the machines.

  • ImagePower Coated Box Filter

    These filters are suitable for industries where dust and moisture content is high. These filters are made with aircraft steel which are durable and have a long life period. It is guarded with stainless steel mesh and can be easily cleaned and maintained. Box filters usually go with DC motors for cooling purposes.

  • ImageFlange Type Filter

    Flange type filters are mainly for small and tiny motors where the air volume is low. These filters can be fixed to the blowers.

  • ImageRound Filter

    Round filters are for motors with medium air flow. They are convenient to use and easy to fit. These are cost effective filters with simple parts like knobs and can be fixed to the blowers.

  • ImagePanel Cartridge Filters

    Panel cartridges are for heavy flow air. These filters can be used in heat exchangers and as a filter cartridge in big blowers. They are easy to handle and can be slide into the frame as it is made of soft materials. Panel cartridge filters are exclusively designed to handle high volume air with high pressure.

  • ImageBox Filters

    These are common filters used for a wide range of blowers. These filters are customized and the filter media is chosen according to the purpose of usage. These box filters come with a silver ash finish and the cartridges are easy to replace and maintain. Hence the fabrication need not be changed all the time, thereby reduces cost and time.

  • ImageStainless Steel Filters

    Stainless Steel Filters are unique as it can be cleaned and reused as many times as you want. These are also customizable according to the client’s requirement and can be resized and the filter material can be changed.

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